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Important Questions for Child Custody

A few things to keep in mind if you have a custody order in the state of Pennsylvania concerning your minor child: 

1. Custody orders are binding! 


At times, Clients will mistakenly believe that their custody order is flexible and can be followed whenever they choose. That is wrong! Custody orders are legally binding and if they are not followed, there can be potential legal consequences including fines, loss of time with the child, or in extreme circumstances, Jail! 


2. Custody orders can be modified


On the other hand, some Clients believe that custody orders are iron-clad documents that can never be changed. Again, that is incorrect! Custody orders can be modified for any number of reasons. If the parties can agree on changes to the order, they can modify the order through the Courts. However, certain changes may not be accepted by the Court, so it is best to consult an attorney before attempting to modify any custody orders. 


3. Criminal Convictions can have an impact on Custody


If you or the minor child’s other parent has a criminal background, that can change the custody order. Convictions such as a DUI could have an impact on which party would be available to transport the child between custody visits. Having an extensive criminal history can negatively impact your potential custody time with your child. 


4. Speaking to a qualified Pennsylvania attorney is crucial


Many clients believe they can navigate the legal system on their own. While they may always have the “right” to represent themselves, it may not always be in their best interest. Speaking with a qualified Pennsylvania attorney, such as King & Huffines: Attorneys at Law PLLC, is crucial to protecting your custodial rights with your children. 


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