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How can I recover my lost wages?


If you're injured in an accident, how do you recover your lost wages? 


First, lost wages has to be proven before you can collect any actual money. To prove lost wages, you have to prove the following:


1. You missed work due to the injuries caused by your accident 


2. You lost money due to missing work 


So, you must have missed work due to your accident AND you must have lost wages due to missing work. An example of lost wages would be the following scenario:

You are putting gas in your car on your way to your manual labor job. As you walk inside to pay, you slip on a pooling liquid at the front door of the gas station. You land hard on your right side and break your right wrist. You go to the emergency room, but you are not able to return to work for two weeks, meaning you miss 10 days of work total. 

To prove lost wages, you would need to show your wrist injury prevented you from working and you lost wages due to not being able to work. Having a broken right wrist prevents you from undertaking manual labor, so you missed two weeks while it healed. You were not paid during those two weeks as you were not working. You would have lost wages due to the accident. 

How much would those lost wages be worth? Well, that's a math question!

Using the above example, lets assume you work 40 hours per week (8 hours per day) and make $20.00/hour. To calculate your lost wages, we do the following:

8 hours per day x $20.00/hr = $160.00/day earned

$160.00 x 10 days (missed time from work) = $1,600.00 in lost wages

These totals can really add up if you're forced to miss a significant amount of time from work. 

Additionally, the lost wages calculation can get very complicated if you are entitled to a performance bonus, commission, additional benefits like accrual of vacation time, stock options, 401k, or any other form of lost wages which could all potentially be recoverable in a personal injury action. 

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