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Filing for Unemployment Benefits


In Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for Unemployment Compensation benefits. 


The process for an unemployment compensation (UC) claim are as follows:


1. Immediately file for UC benefits.

You can file this claim online at the PA department of labor website or you may mail in a hand-written copy. Make sure you answer this brief form truthfully, as it will provide the basis for your UC claim. 

You will only be eligible for UC benefits if you worked for 16 continuous weeks and made at least $50/week. 


2. Notice of Determination

You will receive a notice of determination from the state of Pennsylvania determining whether you are eligible for UC benefits or not. If you are declared ineligible, you may immediately appeal that decision. This appeal must be conducted within 15 days from the date of mailing of the notice of determination. 

If you are declared eligible, your former employer will have a chance to contest your benefits. If your former employer contests your UC benefits, you will be set for an unemployment compensation hearing in front of a UC referee. 


3. UC Referee Hearing

This hearing will be in person in front of a UC referee. You, the terminated employee, will present your case. You are allowed to testify, present exhibits, and call witnesses. Your former employer will also be present at this hearing. They will have the ability to testify, present exhibits, and call their own witnesses. Both parties will have an opportunity to cross-examine the other party. 

The hearing follows the rules of evidence in Pennsylvania with some slight modifications. You will be expected to follow the PA Rules of Evidence for this referee hearing. 

Therefore, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you consult with legal counsel and have legal representation present with you for this referee hearing. As always, you have the ability to represent yourself. However, having an attorney represent you through this hearing process will give you the best opportunity to obtain UC benefits. 

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