If you recently lost your job in Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefits. 
   We can help guide you through the process of obtaining unemployment benefits. If you decide to retain King & Huffines to represent you at your unemployment hearing, we would act as your attorney for the in-person referee hearing. We represent you throughout the process and physically appear on your behalf on the day of the hearing. Additionally, here are a few of the services we will provide to you via our representation:
  • We will meet with you to review any and all testimony you plan on giving at the referee hearing
  • Review any and all documents you would like to present at your referee hearing
  • Prepare any exhibits you will need to introduce on your behalf at your referee hearing
  • Cross-examine any opposing party witnesses 
  • Assist in subpoena any witnesses through the UC board, if necessary
  • Review overall theme and story of your case
  • Any other matters that arise in litigating your claim
  •    In many situations, employers will utilize an attorney to help them win their claim. They know that having a competent lawyer on their side helps them immensely in contesting unemployment compensation claims. If you have any other questions about unemployment compensation or need to file an unemployment compensation claim, feel free to visit the Pennsylvania state website listed below
   If you have any questions about legal representation at an unemployment compensation hearing,
call us at 724 242-0230 for a FREE CONSULTATION about your case. 
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